Main Responsibilities:

  • To follow the entire process (or a given part of it) of system analysis making proper studies regarding specific topics and designing (whenever is needed) mathematical models of the system and/or the environment according to the guidelines provided by the Focal Point
  • To go in deep – by means of specific studies, proper analysis activities and designing of algorithms – in technical aspects relevant to products (already existing and/or under development)
  • To support the design phase of the system: specification of signal and data processing algorithms for ESM [Electronic Support Measure], definition of ECM [Electronic Counter Measure] techniques.

Technical Requirements:

  • Fundamentals of Statistical Communication Theory
  • Knowledge of Analogue and/or Digital Communications (Modulation, Coding )
  • Basic knowledge of  Microwave & Antenna
  • Theory and Techniques of Radar and Radio-Navigation Systems


Master Degree in Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering


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