Gucci – Demand & Supply Planner


Role mission

Demand & Supply Planner (D&SP) responsibilities include demand management, inventory planning and carry over orders definition for specific departments.

D&SP is responsible to analyze demand changes in the business to ensure high accuracy of forecast and to ensure accuracy in inventory level, particularly from the point of view of long/medium term. The process and the responsibility will be in the first phase concentrated mainly on carry over items.

Key Accountabilities

  • Design and generate monthly statistical forecasting models.
  • Conduct current and future forecasting analysis, ensure that processes and methods followed are based on the best practice (continuous improvement of forecasting techniques, methods and approaches).
  • Measure the forecast accuracy.
  • Control inventory targets approved by management to guarantee the right coverage in order to avoid lost sales or over stock situations.
  • Assemble and analyze all data pertinent to create sales forecast according to different layers of analysis: historical sales, market trends, seasonality, advertisements and assortment variation for each Channel.
  • Make recommendation of inventory targets adjustments based on changes in demand and market trends.
  • Organize forecast and inventory planning meetings with Merchandising Department to review sales forecasts and inventory coverage (emphasis on brand transitions, new product introduction, event, phase in and phase out items).
  • Produce order of carry over items to provide Production Departments the inputs to satisfy the demand.
  • Evolve and maintain documentation and standard operating procedures for demand planning processes and systems.
  • Prepare reports and communicate forecast and inventory measurements to the management (forecast accuracy, inventory plan vs. targets).
  • Develop systems and procedures required to meet service level and inventory objectives.
  • Constant interaction with Retail and Merchandising Departments and assessment of demand requirements to reflect changes in SKU forecast level (particularly for top seller).


Key Requirements

  • Bachelor degree in statistic, mathematics, engineer or related fields
  • 2 years of experience in the role, scheduling, forecasting and planning
  • Strong analytical abilities
  • Fluent Eniglish communication skills
  • Proficiency in Excel and Access, and SQL, ERP and statistical software packages
  • Knowledge of demand management/forecasting tools, forecasting processes in sales, marketing, operations, finance, manufacturing and supply chain issues
  • Good communication and team building skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Extensive spreadsheet analysis and strong mathematical skills
  • Knowledge of key inventory performance metrics
  • Ability to lead cross-functionally
  • Collaborative skills in resolving long and short positions in inventory
  • Experience in managing end of life cycle and obsolete inventory